Who We Are

    The Names


    The Details
clem Name: Clem

Instrument: Drums

tobiaselder Name: Tobias>

Instrument: Bass, Vocals, Flute

eek Name: Eek

Instrument: Keyboards, Vocals, Fiddle

juad Name: Ch!

Instrument: Guitar, Vocals, Mouth Organ

Name: MGM

Instrument: Guitar, Tambourine

zippy Name: Zippy

Instrument: Guitar, Vocals

gassy Name: Gassy

Instrument: Vocals, Cowbell

tobiasyoung Name: Tobias<

Instrument: Vocals, Trumpet, Fiddle, Kazoo

loopy Name: Loopy

Instrument: Trumpet, Vocals, Squeezebox

Annbivalent Name: Annbivalent

Instrument: Saxophone, Vocals

Pappy Name: Pappy

Instrument: Saxophone, Banjo, Percussion

mort Name: Mort

Instrument: Trombone, Percussion

yames Name: Yames

Instrument: Trombone, Vocals, Percussion

clowny Name: Clowny

Instrument: Spectacular sound and lights